Things To Do

Balloon Animals

  • Our amateur balloon artists can make swords, dogs, and all sorts of other critters for your amusement.

Balloon Tag

  • Each player gets a balloon tied to their ankle. Everyone tries to pop the other players’ balloons while defending their own. Last balloon left wins!


  • Join in on classic BINGO, along with other games including Four Corners, X, Black Out, and our own Horseshoe Bingo to win fabulous prizes!

Build Your Own Boat

  • Each team gets duct tape and cardboard and must construct a boat to float in the boat race within the time limit.

Balloon Cattle Drive

  • Balloons take the place of cattle in this indoor kids version of our cattle drive. Drive your “cattle” from start to finish and don’t let any wander off!

Cookie Coloring

  • Create works of art on iced sugar cookies with our food coloring markers. No age limit.
  • While supplies last. One cookie per person.

Cowboy Games

  • Join us to play wacky games where you must put a hat high atop a buffalo’s head, fill buckets with marshmallows, and chase your own tail!

DJ & Karaoke

  • Browse through our collection to find your favorite song for some karaoke fun, or send in your request to listen to the pros!

Egg Race

  • An indoor version of a classic favorite. Balance the plastic eggs on your spoons and dodge obstacles as you make your way to the finish line.

Everyday Art

  • Turn ordinary objects into works of art. Teams will need to create specified sculptures out of everyday objects such as straws, paper, clay, toothpicks, and more!

Face Painting

  • Our amateur artists will paint just about any design you like on your face or arm. Paint is non-toxic and washes off with water.

Giddy Up Games

  • Enjoy a variety of fun games such as beach ball golf, marshmallow marksmanship, and Q3 ball.

Gingerbread House

  • We will provide the graham crackers, icing, and candies. You provide the appetite and creativity!
  • Seasonal Activity

Line Dancing

  • Learn old and new line dances from our experts. Dances could include Fever, Hog Wild, Cotton Eyed Joe, Hick Town, and many more.

Mashmallow Shoot-Out

  • Load your gun and take aim for some fluffy mini marshmallow fun.

Mechanical Bull

  • Can you last eight seconds on the meanest bucking bull this side of Toledo?
  • Must be eight years old and dry to ride
  • Cost: $5


  • Join us for a big screen movie shown in Spaghetti Western on select nights. Check the JJ Journal for the day’s movie.

Musical Saddles

  • A fun, western twist on musical chairs.
  • Seasonal Activity

Pie Eating Contest

  • Pies are made of whipped cream. Contests tend to go quickly, so make sure you’re on time!


  • Learn the ins and outs of how a cowboy ropes his cattle and try it out for yourself.

Stick Horse Race

  • Race your own stick horse around the track in the lobby!