Indoor Waterpark Rules

For your maximum safety and enjoyment while visiting our water park, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Have a fun and a safe day at the Gold Rush Waterpark.
  • Obey lifeguards at all times.
  • No food and refreshments are allowed within the pool area.
  • No food and refreshments allowed on any ride or in any pool.
  • Food and beverage not purchased at the Double JJ may not be brought into the water park.
  • Breakable materials, such as glass, and hazardous materials are prohibited in the pool area.
  • Persons with possibly infectious conditions shall be excluded from the pool.
  • Pollution of swimming pool such as spitting, urinating, or blowing one’s nose is prohibited.
  • No one is permitted in the pool when a supervising adult is not present at pool.
  • Proper suit attire must be worn.
  • Infants and toddlers must wear swim diapers while in pools.
  • Pets are not permitted in pool area.
  • The pools and spas are not be used after consumption of alcohol.
  • Smoking is not permitted.
  • All persons must shower before entering pool.
  • Double JJ admittance wristbands must be worn at all times.
  • Only coast guard approved life jackets are permitted.
  • No running.
  • No diving or jumping.
  • No dunking, shoulder riding, or rough play.
  • Tubes may only be ridden with one person per opening.
  • Multiple tubes are not allowed in a slide at one time.
  • Double JJ towels may not leave the water park.
  • Pregnant women, guests with heart conditions, guests with neck or back problems, and guests under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not permitted to ride any slide.
  • Failure to follow lifeguard instructions will result in removal from the water park.
  • State law requires riders to obey all warnings and directions for carnival or amusement rides and behave in a manner that will not cause or contribute to the injury of themselves or others.
  • All accidents, however minor, must be reported to the lifeguard on duty and an accident report must be filed prior to leaving the premises.


  • Children age 13 and under must be supervised by an adult
  • Know the physical, mental and emotional abilities of yourself and your child.
  • Stay in close proximity to your child and closely supervise their activities.
  • Know where your child is and have them in sight at all times.
  • A lifeguard and/or a life jacket do not replace the watchful eyes and direct supervision of a parent/guardian.

Be part of our team! Please help us watch your children. We are the lifeguards, but you are their lifesavers! In an ongoing effort to ensure guest safety and satisfaction, the Double JJ Resort has partnered with National Aquatics Safety Company (NASCO), a private, outside consulting firm specializing in aquatic risk management. To keep our standards and practices at the highest levels possible, we will typically do a number of drills and skills tests during hours of operation. In addition to this, NASCO will perform three unannounced operational audits per year at each facility, testing them in areas of professionalism, diligence in scanning techniques and rescue skills, as well as their ability to manage an aquatic emergency. If you have any questions regarding our Risk Management Program, please feel free to contact an aquatic manager at 231.894.4444 ext. 4751