Riding Tips

The most important thing in improving your riding is to RELAX. Every horse is different. Learn something from each one you ride. Don’t expect to become an expert rider in a very short time. Ride and have fun, and learn as you ride.


  • Leave your wallet and loose change in your room or car
  • A heeled boot or shoe is best
  • Long pants are always recommended
  • Tight jeans / heavy seams cause chafing and saddle sores


  • Advanced – Require that you are able to comfortably sit in trot and canter and control your horse under all conditions and gates.
  • Intermediate ride – you will walk and trot
  • Beginner rides – you will walk at a leisurely pace


  • Place the ball of your foot in the stirrup and keep your heels down. Don’t slide your foot in as far as it will go; you won’t lose your stirrups and you’ll have a better seat in the saddle
  • Always keep comfortable pressure on your stirrups


  • Keep your hands in front of the saddle horn, resting on the horse’s neck.
  • Ride with one hand and be gentle, our horses neck rein.

Stopping the Horse

  • Pull the reins gently toward your belly button.
  • When the horse stops, push your hand forward again to put some slack in the reins.
  • Using the word “WHOA” is helpful, too.

Riding the Trot

  • Western style trotting means you must keep your hips loose with just enough pressure on the stirrups.
  • Keep your seat heavy in the saddle and let your body be a sponge to absorb the bouncing.

Riding the Canter

  • Arch the small of your back and sit slightly forward with just enough pressure on the stirrups
  • Relax at the waist and roll with the rhythm of the horse.